In general, you waste your valuable times searching for an ideal house to stay. Besides the searching procedure, you have got to deal with its highly annoying responsibilities such as furnishing, maintenance, security and repair. All these combined, creates a troublesome ordeal for you and for your family.

But You Don’t Need To Worry Anymore! Plaza Lavanta Is There For You!

At Plaza Lavanta, everything has been designed for your comfort. The only remaining thing left for you is to move in and study in peace to work your way towards your successful future. Our residence is ready to provide everything for you to create a problem free college life. Hence your peace will ease your parents worrying back at home.

What Is Waiting You?

Plaza Lavanta has been build as an earthquake resistant building that everything has been based on modern technology. From your security to cleaning, ironing to laundry and wifi to private study tables… etc. Many exclusive services have been designed for you and just waiting for you to move in.